Mrs. Kasha Davis was Season 7’s “International Celebrity Housewife” and with her mix of camp and class, she worked her way into the hearts of so many fans. Following her elimination (the second shocking elimination of the season), Mrs. Davis took a break from stirring an after work cocktail for Mr. Davis to chat with SFGN.

She reflected about her time on the show, her new single “Cocktail", and her upcoming show “There’s Always Time For A Cocktail” at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in New York City!

First the important question; did Mr. Davis have boxed wine chilling as you requested during your elimination?

'Thank God for boxed wine! Mr. Davis went to work, he didn’t know what to do with me LOL!

Many people have thought that some of the queens, specifically you and Trixie should not have left as early as they did. First, your elimination. Do you think it was time for you to go?

It’s difficult because of the time that we’ve had to care about each other and spend time with each other, but no, I definitely think I should have stayed longer.

Do you think Trixie should have stuck around longer as well?

Oh of course, Trixie is amazing! I think it’s interesting, there are characters this season, and I love a good character. I love that about Trixie, and I definitely appreciate it about myself.

You commented on trying out for several seasons and not making it. What do you think was different for you this time around?

I was trying to give what they wanted, and what I thought they wanted. I should just be myself. Obviously that worked. When I first met Ru, he appreciated that. He said he’s watched all of the audition tapes and he really appreciated that.

“Drag Race” puts you all suddenly in the public eye and gives you a sudden rush of name and face recognition. Looking in the rearview mirror, what do you think are the best and worst parts of the “Drag Race” experience?

Great question! I definitely think what I loved the most was the time in the hotel room alone. I was able to reflect and do some thinking and say to myself “do you really want to do this”? LOL.

I think the whole experience itself is monumental, but what’s really interesting is that you don’t realize how much you don’t know; you’re constantly being given the opportunity to recreate yourself, and I love being given that opportunity. It seriously is like going to “drag camp”!

And the most unfavorable part of the experience?

I’m not a game player? I think that came across in the show, be it in the way it was “edited” or whatever. At my age, I could be nasty, but I’m not one to play the role. So I think I would focus more on that.

What do you think one of your best challenges would have been if you had stayed around? “Snatch Game” could have been yours to take!

I definitely can be consistent and I was super excited to do Joan Rivers for “Snatch Game” that was one my choices. The other choice was Liza Minnelli, and either one of those choices I would have nailed. For Joan, those guys did not realize during our mini challenge you had to present the outfit on the red carpet. None of the other guys figured that out, and that was the challenge. You know, a lot of what happened that day really isn’t shown. They were asked to present the outfit as part of the challenge.

Which of the girls do you stay in touch with?

I literally just hung up the phone with Miss Fame. She is literally one of the sweetest, most creative people I have ever met. She’s really trying to discover a new way of performing; performing for her is new, so she is really trying to reach out. We have a great and strong bond.

You have a fantastic new single named “Cocktail.” Tell me all about it.

Roman and I worked on that song, and we had fabulous co-writers. Of course my husband Mr. Davis, and Danny Hoskins and Michelle Taylor. You know, it’s just me, it’s my story. There are a couple remixes coming out soon by Jared Jones, so I can’t wait for those!

I’ll also be performing by one-woman show “There’s Always Time For A Cocktail” at the Laurie Beeckman Theatre on April 21st and May 12th in New York City!

Well you are a busy lady! Tell me about the show.

I am so proud to have the opportunity to have my show booked in New York City, and I definitely want to bring it elsewhere. It’s the story of my life. It’s a story of acceptance, it’s something everyone can relate to and of course, there’s a lot of camp and a lot of ridiculousness. That is honestly the real goal that I have been looking forward to my whole life.

Selfishly you were one of my favorite girls this season. If you had to take one word and sum up where you are with your life and career now, what would it be?

Grateful. I think if you really look at things, we talk about it on the show, I’m 44 years old and I made it and I’m very grateful. I just want to share.