RuPaul's Drag Race: Acid Betty Interview

If anyone walked into the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” workroom this season and made a true impression, it was Acid Betty. From the minute she hit the workroom, everyone was going to be taken on an “Acid trip”. With eye popping fashion and razor sharp wit, Betty sadly left after a scorching lip synch while she was dressed as Madonna in the “Bedtime Stories” costume from the video (one of the most unique lip synch’s ever on the main stage). Acid Betty sat down to chat with us about leaving the competition, several interesting moments we didn’t see on the show, and who her “Snatch Game” character almost was. 

So many of us were sorry to see such a seasoned and unique queen like yourself leave the competition this early. How does it feel to go this early? 

Well you know, I was hungry I had to go.

Your original “Snatch Game” character was going to be Pepper from “American Horror Story”. Looking back, do you think you would have taken a risk and done Pepper or would you have elaborated on your Nancy Grace character as Carson Kressley pointed out? 

You know I think I would take the risk and do Pepper. At the time, I wasn’t allowed to do Pepper due to the licensing, as we weren’t able to get it, so it was kind of out of my control. We did talk about that, but unfortunately, they didn’t show it.  

That’s a very interesting piece of information and hugely important to telling your whole story many would think. How do you feel about certain things that were left on the editing room floor? 

There was actually a moment where RuPaul and I spoke, which wasn’t included, and one of the judges gave me a recommendations about certain songs, and I responded with a joke, which wasn’t included either.  

Now that you’ve actually seen yourself on screen on the show, what is your favorite part looking back? 

Actually my favorite part is me as a boy rolling my eyes, I thought that was kind of funny. It was interesting to see myself because most people don’t get to have cameras following themselves with whatever they are doing, so it was an interesting study in self as a performer. To see how I look, how I act, and how I am portrayed in some instances. 

Do you think you were portrayed accurately as Acid Betty really is, or do you think there was some elaboration? 

I don’t think there was elaboration, but I think they left out. 

So conversely, what do you think are your least favorite parts of the experience? 

You know, I think I am a “grain of salt” kind of person, I enjoyed it. I can even take the negativity and critiques as a learning and growth experience. Children take it too seriously, we are men in dresses, it’s really not that serious. 

During our last chat, you mentioned Leigh Bowery and referenced some fantastic pieces of LGBT history. Do you think you were a little more cerebral than some of your competitors? 

I think I started to think I would be that way, but when Kim Chi entered the room I thought I would be getting another competitor who would really be thinking outside the box. She did a little bit of that, but I was expecting her to be a little more brave with some of her stuff. 

You had a moment on “Untucked” when your sister appeared on screen and we saw a very different and much more vulnerable side of Acid Betty. Was it more difficulty to show that kind of emotion sometimes?

You know, I really don’t think so. Again, that goes back to things that were left out. We were looking back on who the first person to cry was and it was actually me. That was actually week two or three. It’s not really hard for me to show, it maybe was harder for the editors to show. 

That definitely is slightly different from the Acid Betty that was sometimes shown on the show.

It was. But you know, I really feel for them, I felt for Naomi, I feel for all of them. I’m definitely an emotional kind of person. 

You have two fellow New York sisters still in the competition, with Thorgy Thor and Bob the Drag Queen being big favorites this season. Do you think these gals have the inside track? 

Absolutely, are you kidding? All the way!  

Who do you think other than Thorgy or Bob could snag the crown this season? 

I think ChiChi DeVayne. She’s my black horse. She is the one that is going to come in and just slaughter it. She’s just slaughtering it now, look at her. She’s saying things like “I can’t do anything, I got no money,” and then comes out as a disco diva. She’ll say things like “I can’t sew” and then comes out and we’re like “where did that come from”? I’m like “that was in your suitcase”? LOL. 

When we last spoke before the season kicked off, you wanted to show a different kind of drag on the show and really show people that there was more to drag than just “being fishy”. Do you think you accomplished what you set out to do? 

I really do. I think doing the neon challenge and coming out like that really showed it. I think pregnant with doves coming out of my belly for the Madonna challenge was pretty amazing too. And it’s one of Madonna’s best music videos too! 

Now that the season is over for you, you will have the reunion show in a few weeks, and then what? What is next for Acid Betty? 

I’ll be on the road performing. I’m also putting together my own art show. It’s going to be a mix of art and live performances. A whole experimental kind of experience! It’s going to be like the House of Acid! 

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