’Raising McCain’ : Senator’s Daughter Looks Pushes the Envelope

"This is not your mom’s talk show," says Meghan McCain on the series premiere of her new show, "Raising McCain".

This genre-busting docu-talk series follows Meghan McCain, the outspoken daughter of Senator John McCain, on the road where she meets talking heads on a variety of subjects, ordinary people and fellow Millennials. In the process she explores the most important and unusual questions of the day framed by McCain’s experiences in her personal life.

One issue she looks at is the loss of privacy in our every day lives.

"There are cameras everywhere in every city. I don’t care if people want to stalk me on Twitter... or Facebook," says McCain, "Because I don’t think privacy exists any more, and I don’t really care."

In the pilot episode, McCain has a privacy smackdown with Michael Moynihan of "The Daily Beast" & "Newsweek" to see what "shit" they can dig up about each other on the Internet.

McCain and Moynihan also talk to Holly Jacobs, a professor whose students saw a video of her masturbating online, thanks to a vengeful ex-boyfriend. There was nothing Jacobs could do to stop the harassment or remove the video from the Internet. When she went to the police they said it was outside of their jurisdiction.

New Jersey is the only state that has outlawed revenge porn.

The series will explore topics ranging from Bullying and Feminism to Sex Overload and the Death of Romance, among many others.

This premiere episode of "Raising McCain" is available at www.pivot.tv where you can also check local listings.

"We didn’t make the rules," says McCain, "so why do we have to live by them."

Her producer says from off camera, "I think we got it, Meg."

"Fuck yeah, we got it," says McCain.

"Raising McCain"

Premieres Saturday, September 14, 2013 at 10 PM ET/CT


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