(WB) Skyler Jay, who appeared as the first transgender subject on the Netflix makeover series “Queer Eye,” is suing his employer the University System of Georgia (USG) for its trans-exclusionary health care policy.

USG, which oversees 26 public institutions and is governed by the Georgia Board of Regents, does not offer trans-inclusive healthcare to its employees.

During Jay’s “Queer Eye” episode he explained that his top surgery, totaling $16,000, caused unexpected complications. His medicals bills sent him into debt as he was unable to receive financial coverage from his employer’s healthcare. His “direct community” raised $8,200 to cover his care but due to the extra costs Jay has launched a GoFundMe page to pay off the rest of his debt.

He also wants to give back to the community and is crowdfunding $8,200 for LGBT organizations.

“This fundraiser will go directly toward my medical debt and some funds I will donate to couple of community organizations that could also use the help,” Jay writes on the GoFundMe page.

“Of the $8,200, I asked that $1,600 be donated to three different organizations, totaling the amount of $4,800, and the remainder of the $3,400 to be divided between two of my friends top surgery campaigns,” Skyler told PinkNews.

Crowdfunding has already raised money for Transcend Legal and two of his friends’ top surgeries. He is now aiming to raise money for Athens Queer Collective and Southern Fried Queer Pride.