Asia Kate Dillon, who plays Taylor Mason on the hit political drama show “Billions,” has received critical acclaim for their role — and they’re the first non-binary actor to play a non-binary character on American television. 

Playing the role of Taylor actually helped Dillon come to terms with their own non-binary identity when they read the character described as “female non-binary,” which were two words they had never seen together. 

“Upon looking both words up I had an aha moment where for the first time it all came together in my mind: I was assigned sex: ‘female’ at birth … But, my gender identity is non-binary; neither man nor woman,” they said on Instagram. 

This kind of representation through media is important, they argue: “I hope Hollywood at large will consider the responsibility it has … I believe the arts are the best way to help people go on a journey of self-discovery toward their own compassion and empathy for humanity and themselves.”

Dillon also presented the first non-binary actor MTV Movie and TV award in 2017, which marked the first time the network abolished gender-specific award categories, Vanity Fair reported.