First a gay Sulu and now this.

Next year, Star Trek will launch a new television series featuring a female lead and a gay character.

Executive Producer Bryan Fuller gave details of the show at a July Comic-Con panel. The series will feature 13 episodes and will air on CBS in January.

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Although not much has been revealed, one gay character is confirmed.

“I still have in my garage the hate mail that ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ got because of a rumor that Jeri Ryan’s character (named Seven of Nine) was going to be gay,” Fuller said. Thus, if he did create another Star Trek series, he knew he would bring in a character who is gay.

More information on the new show will be disclosed over time.

“We want to arc out the information so you’ll get a little information today, you’ll get a little more information in October, and we’ll keep building the evolution of the ‘reveal’ as we go,” he said.