“You’re different for a black guy. Your English is so good. You don’t look Jewish.””

These phrases are from MTV’s recently launched “Look Different” Campaign, which hopes to give youth the tools and resources to discuss gender, race and sexual biases. The multiyear project will relay its messages through a combination of on-air and digital content, as well as, social media and celebrity engagement.

The campaign was launched with a PSA with the message: Even though we may think we’re open to diversity, almost all of us have hidden, subconscious biases.

The campaign was a result of MTV’s observations after studying millenials’ perception of subjects like fairness, equality, privilege and discrimination which revealed that although millenials are more open to diversity, their conceptions may be clouded.

“The ‘Look Different’ campaign is an innovative and thought-provoking effort that will educate teens and young adults about the damage of bias and move us closer toward a world without prejudice,” said Executive Director of GLSEN Eliza Byard.

As part of their campaign on Wednesday which was the night before the 2014 NFL Draft, MTV featured “True Life: I’m a Gay Athlete,” a documentary about two openly gay football players and the difficulties they faced when coming out to their teammates and families.

MTV has partnered with several organizations on the campaign including GLAAD, GLSEN and The Trevor Project.

“By shedding light on a topic that is too often overlooked and empowering young people to take action against bias, the ‘Look Different’ campaign has an opportunity to make a lasting change,” said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. “We need to work together for all youth, including LGBT youth, to feel safe and accepted in their homes, schools and communities.”

Visit: LookDifferent.org to learn more about the campaign.