MIAMI — There are a few things you should never skimp on, and plastic surgery is one of them.

Just ask transgender Miami woman Rajee Narinesingh, who was left disfigured after cut-rate plastic surgery.

The doctor who gave her “cement face” is now behind bars, and Narinesingh has a new lease on life.

And she’s getting a big part on Botched, a new plastic surgery show on E! Already, couple of early clips from Botched show Narinesingh using humor to win over doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif, the show’s two authority figures.

Back in 2005, as Narinesingh was transitioning from male to female, she ended up in the care of “Toxic Tush” doctor Oneal Ron Morris.

Morris is currently serving a year in prison for practicing medicine without a license after she injected patients with oil, cement and Fix-a-Flat. And manslaughter charges are still pending because one of her patients died.

Meanwhile, the injections that Narinesingh received caused so much trouble for her that, for years, Narinesingh said she didn’t want to show her face.

But time, and legit surgeries, have healed things, and this vivacious woman isn’t playing the victim!

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