LGBT-Diverse Netflix Show ‘Sense8’ Has Season 2 Release Date

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UPDATE: Netflix has confirmed "Sense8: A Christmas Special" will premiere Friday, Dec. 23. The episode is set to be a two-hour special. Season 2 will premiere on May 5, 2017 with a total of ten episodes.


A Netflix original that stars a trans pansexual woman, a closeted gay man and more is finally returning for its second season.

“Sense8” is an American science fiction drama about eight strangers from around the world brought together through a mental and emotional connection that allows them to communicate and share their knowledge and skills telepathically. It is scheduled to premiere in December 2016, according to GamenGuide.

Among the eight individuals, known as sensates, is Nomi Marks. Played by Jamie Clayton, Nomi is a social justice hacktivist and trans woman living in San Francisco with her girlfriend, Amanita.

Fans seem to love Nomi and her girlfriend.

“Sense8 is actually the greatest show on Netflix and Nomi and Amanita are fucking goals,” wrote user @jskladd on Twitter.

Lana Wachowski, co-creator and writer, used her own experiences as a trans woman to create Nomi.

“It has some very intense, autobiographical scenes, and that was very difficult and surreal,” she told Chicago Magazine.

One of Clayton’s biggest reasons for playing Nomi was to work with Wachowski as a trans character. “There’s more opportunity that’s being presented, especially really recently, for trans characters on television, but I thought, ‘Shit, when am I going to get to play one that’s actually written by someone who’s trans,’” she told Collider in an interview.

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Wachowski did not return to write for season two after undergoing her gender transition and wanting to take time off, co-creator, writer and executive producer J. Michael Straczynski told Awards Daily in an interview.

Returning with Nomi is Lito Rodriguez (played by Miguel Ángel Silvestre Rambla), a famous actor in Mexico City who is also in the closet with his boyfriend, Hernando.

Lito and Nomi share a moment of connection during the initial season, discussing their struggles of self-discovery and coming out of the closet.

“Nomi & Lito sharing their stories of growing up gay/trans is making me cry (sweat emoji),” wrote user @emilycpower on Twitter.

The cast of Sense8 made a statement back in May during the Sao Paulo Pride in Brazil. Their message? Spread pride and love.

Throughout the event — which had over an estimated 2 million people in attendance — the cast was caught on camera celebrating pride and locking lips.

According to NewNowNext, actors Max Riemelt (who plays main character Wolfgang Bogdanow), Silvestre, Clayton and Brian J. Smith (Will Gorski) were seen all making out together on a float.

The biggest reason to watch the show is diversity, according to Clayton.

“I can’t think of any show, or anything, that touches the amount of diversity that we have,” she told Collider. “It’s nine cities in eight countries. There’s ethnic diversity, gender diversity, sexual diversity, and everything. … Everybody just is, and we’re all human. And then, we show up to help one another, and we don’t even have to ask. There are no questions asked. We just help.”

Season two was renewed in August of last year and is set to premiere with a Christmas special later this year.  The full season is scheduled to air in 2017, according to ScreenCrush and confirmed by Clayton on Twitter.

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