LGBT Blog: Where are the Gay Characters in ‘The Walking Dead’?

Season three of AMC’s zombie drama, The Walking Dead, has started off after much anticipation. And while fans seem to be loving it, an LGBT blog complains that the TV adaptation of the comic is leaving out gay characters and their storyline.

“Considering the veritable United Nations of characters that have been seen on The Walking Dead over the past three seasons it’s becoming a glaring omission and sad  fact there has not been one LGBT character on this show up till now,” writes Will Kohler from Back2Stonewall blog.

The blog cites the gay love story of prison inmates Dexter and Andrew. While the character of Andrew was shown and credited in Season 3 – Episodes 1 and 2, Dexter was totally left out. Andrew was quickly dispatched in the second episode.

This omission has the blog fuming: “Invisibility on television is a major problem for the LGBT Community and both TV and movies need to learn that a character's sexuality is an aside, a trait like being left-handed or having blue eyes and should be presented and treated as such and not something to fear presenting.

“LGBT viewers of The Walking Dead and television in general deserve much better.  Better characters, better representation, and better advocating for such by concerned individuals and organizations.”

In defense of the show, Geek-culture blog Nerd Reactor argues there isn’t a bias against gays, but it’s just television’s time constraints and the writers of the show having to edit out part of the graphic novel.

“The show literally blows right pass 95 pages in the comic in one episode, nixing many other storylines … As owner of a few Walking Dead hardbacks, I know the prison story starts in Book 2 and ends after Book 4. The entire first two seasons take place in Book 1 alone. That’s a lot of story,” writes NR editor Mike Villarreal.

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