Katya, “Miss Congeniality” on season seven of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” was poised to take the top prize on this season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2.”

While Alaska may have snatched that crown, Katya is now poised to take on the world with a brand new legion of fans behind her. Our favorite Russian doll took a break to chat with me about her experience on “All Stars”, what it was like walking back into the “Drag Race” workroom and what is next for this glamorous Russian export.


Katya, what made you come back for “All Stars” after such a strong showing on Season Seven?

I have an unquenchable thirst for fame, money, love and camera time. 

Was it surreal being back in the workroom not just with girls from your season, but with girls from other seasons that you had not competed with? 

Totally. I was fans of everyone in that room (except for Ginger. Yuck) so it was surreal. But at the same time, we are all colleagues so I am familiar with their lack of work ethic, so I wasn't intimidated. 


Who were you surprised not to see return for “All Stars”?

Bendela (Ben DeLaCreme), Courtney (Act), Morgan (McMichaels), Delta (Work), Trinity (K.Bonet) to name a few. The real gag was Porkchop not being first into the workroom, although thank God she eventually made two iconic appearances. 


You have grown since season seven, and despite it not being that long ago, seemed to have much more confidence. Where do you think that has come from? 

It comes from the fact that people like me and like what I am doing. I know people say that you shouldn't care what anyone says, but I do because I like to live in reality. I always knew deep down that I have a cool brain, but I am prone to relentless self-flagellation out of fear and anxiety. I will never be an asshole, because I am more critical of myself than anyone, but it's the fans who help me know that I am on the right track. 

What were some of your favorite parts about your “All Stars” experience? 

In no particular order: 
Tatianna's performance in Episode 1 
My commercial
My mom 
Everybody's mom, sister and granny 
Smoking butts with Roxxxy and Detox towards the end 
Calling Ginger Fat 
Gnawing on Detox's fake dead arm 
Having Ru tell me she thinks I'm cool 
Knowing I'm doing a good job and then watching it play out that way on TV


Were you surprised at some of the hate that came on social media for some of the girls? Especially with the summer the LGBT community had, I would think we all definitely need to show each other some kindness and the best version of ourselves. What can we do to all do better? 

Unfortunately, we saw a large scale phenomenon of a younger impassioned generation screaming at the hand that is pointing to the moon, rather than screaming at the moon. That's a riddle. It'll make sense later. 

What’s next for Katya post “All-Stars? (feel free to offer either American or Russian plans)

I should be sailing by boat to Russia next year, but stateside definitely expect a stage show called “Help Me, I’m Dying” to materialize soon, as well as other fun collaborations with other Drag Race girls (already in the works) a new web series, and lots of eating food and slowly and methodically getting a tan, yes GAWD!