Kameron Michaels was one of the most eagerly anticipated contestants to appear on RuPaul’s Drag Race before he even hit the workroom. His smoldering good looks out of drag coupled with his scorching performances on the main stage made him one of the ladies to beat, catapulting hm to the Top Four. I sat down with Kameron to talk about her performance on Drag Race this season, how she manages to have a very special relationship with younger fans, and why the man behind Kameron Michaels is finally coming into his own.

If you had to sum up your entire RuPaul’s Drag Race experience, from walking into the workroom to lip synching for the last time at the finale, how does the whole experience feel now that it’s over?

I think you can kind of see the progression of my happiness, I showed a lot of it on the show. Like I said at the reunion, it was a very intimidating environment for me. I was in a room with amazing queens that I was competing against,

along with celebrities and cameras;  was a lot for me to adjust to. I think you can see in a lot of my recent interviews, from the ones we recently did with OK Magazine and Entertainment Weekly, as well as my on stage conversation with RuPaul, you can see how comfortable I am right now, being on stage, with cameras in front of an audience. I think that is the most important thing for people to realize; I am learning to live in the environment and that I do belong here. For so long I didn’t feel that I belonged.

Every year there is a true “lip sync assassin” and with four lip syncs under your belt followed by a spot in the finale, it’s safe to say that this year’s assassin is you. How does it feel to be considered so fierce up against a group of super talented girls?

You know, I think that is the gag for people. I am the quiet and reserved one. When you think of lip sync assassins, you think of people like Alyssa Edwards. Someone who is an incredible dancer and an incredible performer, but she is also a big personality. For me to show that I am a little more quiet and reserved, the spotlight turns on and my internal switch flips and I am just as much of an entertainer as the rest of the girls. I think that is a really cool thing for people to see.

Your Instastories are absolutely amazing, and you have so many stories featuring younger fans who have really connected to you. Where do you think that connection stems from?

I think because I come from that place too. I come from the place of not being accepted and I think they see that in me and that is where we really connect. These kids have been amazing and it’s been a true honor getting to meet them and hear their stories. For many of us, it’s all about being comfortable and I think that is what they are really looking for also when you get down to it. For me, Kameron has always been comfortable on stage, with the lights and the mic. Now, it is time for Dane to get just as comfortable on stage with the lights. I think I am getting there; Dane is definitely getting there.

Do you have any hometown girls that you think would absolutely kill it on RuPaul’s Drag Race for a future season?

Brooke Lynn Hytes or Aurora Sexton. They are national girls and have been performing for a long time. They are both national title holders. Let me tel you girl, if you think I can turn a lip sync wait until you see what Brook Lynn Hytes or Aurora Sexton could do. I wouldn’t want to lip sync against them!

You are working on some music with some pretty amazing producers I have heard. What can you tell me about that!

I am! I don’t have a release date for any of my music yet, but it definitely is coming, that much I can tell you. My touring schedule has been insane so I have not been able to put as much time into it as much as I would like to, and also, I am definitely what you would call a perfectionist and I want what I put out to be as close to perfect as it can be. The music is definitely happening though.

With Season 10 in the rearview mirror, what can you say has made you the most proud about the entire experience?

I am proud of my progression. I may have been quiet and reserved for the season, but I think everyone can see how I am progressed and really tried to come into my own both as a performer and as a person. I am proud to have been on stage with these other fierce girls who are my sisters too. But for me, I am most proud of my progress and how this experience helped me grow as an entertainer and a person. That is what I am the most proud of.