[Editor's note: This story contains slight spoilers about "The Walking Dead" TV show along with the comics.]

(EDGE) Last year, "The Walking Dead" introduced a comic book character named Jesus, and fans wondered if he would be gay on the TV show as he is in print. Actor Tom Payne suggested last year his character would in fact come out, and that finally came to fruition on Sunday night's episode "The Other Side."

Jesus was having a deep conversation with Maggie (Lauren Cohan), opening up about his past. He told her he grew up in a home and doesn't feel like he belongs. He then said it's hard for hime to get close to people, like "neighbors, friends, boyfriends."

TMZ caught up with Payne Monday after the episode aired and asked if Jesus' sexuality would play a major role going forward.

"I don't think so. They haven't done that with any other characters really," he said. "He wasn't closeted. It just hadn't been mentioned on the show."

The actor added he didn't do anything "major" to play the role.

"There's no difference between a gay person and a heterosexual person at the end of the day," Payne told TMZ. "You don't go into a scene going, 'Oh, wow, I've gotta really think I'm a gay person now.' There's no difference really."

Jesus isn't the only LGBT character on "The Walking Dead." There's Aaron and his boyfriend Eric - during the show's fifth season, fans had a melt down when the men shared an onscreen kiss. There was also Dr. Denise (she suffered a gruesome death), who was in a relationship with Tara.