After her lesbian television drama “The Fosters” was given the green light, singer and actress Jennifer Lopez said she’ll make a guest appearance on the show once it starts airing.

The show will focus on a biracial lesbian couple who raise biological and adoptive children together. It is set to premiere on ABC Family on June 3.

Jake Austin, best known for his role as the youngest of three wizards on Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place, will play the foster son of Lena and Stef Foster in the series. He told E! Online that Lopez wants to make a cameo appearance.

“She was maybe thinking about doing a cameo in the pilot ... but there was some apprehension in deciding how early they wanted to feature someone like her into the show,” he said.

“So she’ll definitely come on…but at this point we just don’t know when.”

Lopez has expressed in the past her support for gay marriage.

“When it comes to gay marriage, I just believe in love,” she told The Advocate in May 2010.

(h/t Gay Star News)

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