Issa Rae, the actress and director better known for her breakout HBO series “Insecure,” is set to start producing two new projects in 2017 — one of those being a comedy-series about a bisexual black man.

Deadline reports that the series titled “Him or Her” will follow the life of a bisexual black man as he navigates his personal life. The series’ goal is to depict the “distinct different words” that exist for individuals that date both men and women.

The series will be executive produced by Rae, who just scored a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Series for her role in “Insecue.” Joining her on her team will be ex-Daily Show writer and Emmy-winner Travon Free.

Free not only created the series, according to HuffPost, but the show will also be shining light on his own experiences. Rae is more than excited to be pairing up with Free to tell his story.

“I was immediately drawn in to the concept from his initial pitch and am SO grateful that he’s trusting us with his vision,” Rae said in an email to HuffPost.

This is not the first time Rae has tackled LGBT storylines. During season one of “Insecure,” Jared, the rent-a-car salesman character, reveals to the woman he’s dating that he’s had oral sex with a man.

Rae believes it’s important for her show to make people start having these conversations, especially when it comes to members of the black community.   

“We wanted to start a conversation," Rae told BET. "This is something I discuss with my friends. Ten years ago, I remember telling my friends, 'I’m desynthesized to the construct of Black masculinity and I’m desynthesized to bisexuality.' (...) I just thought that was an interesting conversation. Then the writers brought it up and noted that while some people agreed and some people did not, any conversation like that that sparked a debate we had to put it in on the show."

Rae is also set to executive produce the drama series, “Sweet Life,” which will follow a group of teens growing up in the Black Beverly Hills of Windsor Hills. Both of these series are a part of Rae’s two-year producing deal. HBO has yet to announce a release date for both series.