A trio of gay films will be presented at the Gateway Cinema 4 in Fort Lauderdale, for one week only, beginning April 9.

Regent Releasing and Here Films are opening the films theatrically in a special triple split-bill series, presented by gay social networking site Gay.com. The films are Misconceptions, Murder in Fashion and Watercolors, which was screened here in February, part of the Art Explosion, the annual festival of LGBT arts presented by ArtsUnited.

Ronald Satlof, director of Misconceptions, will attend the Friday, April 9, and Saturday, April 10, screenings of his film and will participate in an audience Q&A after the screening.

The film series has been making its way around the country, and has already played in New York and Los Angeles. The concept was successful enough that a second film series from Regent Releasing and Here Films and presented by Gay.com is now touring the country with a different set of films.

Misconceptions features A.J. Cook, Orlando Jones, David Sutcliffe (Rory’s dad on TV’s “Gilmore Girls”), and David Moscow in a comedy drama about a religiously conservative, married southern woman who receives a message from God instructing her to act as a surrogate mother for a married gay couple, a Jewish doctor and an African-American dance choreographer. Things really heat up when the choreographer shows up at her home to micro-manage her pregnancy.

Watercolors, directed by David Oliveras, is a coming of age story framed by a man’s preoccupation with his first love and features Tye Olson, Kyle Clare, four-time Olympic Gold Medalist Greg Louganis and Karen Black. Watercolors begins with adult Danny, an artist whose erotic paintings evoke memories of his teenage love, Carter. A series of flashbacks reveal Danny and Carter as they struggle with their mutual attraction, and then their relationship. But adult Danny is haunted by what happened as a teenager, and his obsession with Carter threatens his relationship with his current lover. Watercolors has been on the film festival circuit, and the film has nabbed the Audience Award at the Fort Worth Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival, the Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, and L.A. Outfest, as well as festival acting awards for Tye Olson.

The last film in the series should be of special interest to South Florida audiences. Murder in Fashion, formerly titled Fashion Victim, is a fictionalized account of serial killer Andrew Cunanan. Featuring Jonathon Trent, Robert Miano, Stacey Dash and Cerina Vincent and directed by Ben Waller, Murder in Fashion portrays Cunanan as an aging gay party boy (he’s all of 27—yikes!) who’s fading looks prompt a cross-country killing spree culminating in the Miami Beach murder of designer Gianni Versace and Cunanan’s own suicide on a houseboat in 1997. The movie follows Cunanan as well as the FBI detective hot on his trail.

Although Misconceptions, Watercolors and Murder in Fashion are presented as a series, each film has a separate ticket price.

For more information and showtimes, visit SunriseCimenas.com.