History has just been made on the big-time silver screen.

In a first for major television programs, an openly non-binary gender-identifying actor is cast in a major television series, Showtime’s drama ‘Billions.’ Asia Kate Dillon will play the role as Taylor, an intern at Axe Capital.

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“As someone who is non-binary gender identifying, I feel a particular responsibility to portray members of my community on stage and on screen, not only as fully fleshed out characters who are integral to the plot, but as characters whose gender identity is just one of many parts that make up the whole person,” Dillon told SFGN.

“I also feel I have a responsibility to portray members of my community as accepted, loved and valued.”

But that’s not all — Taylor is also one of the first openly non-binary identifying characters broadcasted on a television series. Dillon hopes to depict an experience that many viewers may not be familiar with.

“Many non-binary people and gender nonconforming people have terrible experiences coming out and are rejected by family and friends and left with little to no support and many of the stories out there about my community tend toward that narrative, so I feel it's important to share another experience,” they said.

Dillon is known for their previous roles in ‘Orange is the New Black’ and ‘Master of None.’