First Openly Bisexual Bachelorette May Hit Australian Television

For the first time ever in The Bachelor and Bachelorette history, Australia may cast a bisexual leading role.

The third season of The Bachelorette is currently seeking contestants via online application. They request both single men and women to apply. None of the 111 questions ask if the potential contestant is interested in playing the leading role, indicating that The Bachelorette is already chosen.

This means that the leading lady may be seeking both men and women for a chance at true love.

SFGN BiBachelorette1

No one has ever been given the option to pursue a same-sex relationship on either The Bachelor or Bachelorette — not even within any of the 21 seasons of the U.S. version.

However, at least one same-sex relationship has emerged from the Australian version of the show. Former contestants Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon began seeing one another after the events of the show.

Other than seeking both male and female contestants, the application also asks for personal information, such as height, waist size and relationship history.

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