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She’s fierce, she’s fab, and she’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind.

She’s FayWhat?! and she’s ready to debut the new version of The FayWhat?! Show.

“I’m a lucky lesbian,” Fay said. “This is the best Christmas and birthday present ever.”

Until recently, Fay did her show out of home, turning her second bedroom into a home studio. Now she’s bringing the show to the Happening Out Network (HON), debuting at 9 a.m. Monday, Jan. 10.

She said it will be a little bit of everything and a whole lotta Fay. “The FayWhat?! Show is going to be all about my world and what has to do with this crazy lesbian: gay boys, other women, pets, my recovery. Did I say gay boys? Yes!”

She has a special fondness in her heart for South Florida’s gay boys, and isn’t afraid to crawl in bed with them.

“I have a whole segment where I’m in bed with a gay boy. Where else are you gonna talk to a gay boy than in bed, right? They’re a part of me and my world, they are who make me, me.”

While she will embrace all the insanity that can envelop South Florida, Fay also wants to keep it real.

“I also wanna talk about things that matter. We’re not going to have politicians on The FayWhat?! Show. But we will talk with the guy who’s bringing Urge Miami down here with three million gay boys. Yes! I wanna talk to you!”

Her first guests will be Kierra Johnson and Mayra Hidalgo Salazar from the National LGBTQ Task Force.

Her move to HON comes as the network prepares to be in more homes than ever. It will soon be promoted by Roku, Apple+ TV, and Google+ TV, making it the first LGBT channel promoted. Fay said it’s long overdue.

“We need a network like this that represents us. It’s the parades, it’s the events, it’s everything to do with LGBTQ that we go to, and are at, that make us happy, anytime on your screen.”

New episodes of The FayWhat?! Show will drop every Monday at 9 a.m., and Fay said you can always count on one thing: having fun.

“We’re going to present all that and whatever crazy antics come up. I want to touch on things that make us happy, things that bring us joy. Things that wouldn’t exist without LGBTQ+.”


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