Back after an abbreviated Season Nine due to injury, Eureka came roaring back to the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Ten workroom, and boy did she have something to say. The self-proclaimed “Elephant Queen” tore through the completion and despite a couple missteps (and battles with cast member The Vixen) she climbed the ranks to the Top Four. Sitting down with me to talk about her Season Ten experience, Eureka was reflective and her signature hilarious self, where we talked about everything from her new video “The Big Girl” to her battles with cast members to finally and most importantly, finding her worth.

Looking back on the season, how would you begin to sum it up? You left Season Nine, then turned around and competed in Season Ten!

Girl, it was a lot. I mean, coming off of Season Nine, I was all kinds of nervous and apprehensive to be doing it again, but as you saw, I found what was slowing me down and something really clicked, especially after I had to lip-sync for my life so early. After that, I stopped questioning myself and discovered my worth in the competition. That was a very important lesson for me this year; worth. It was learning what I was worth during this competition and how this big and loud queen could carry that worth out of the competition. I think I have finally learned that and that is a great lesson to take with me.


You were part of the first triple “Lip Sync For Your Life” in Drag Race herstory! What was that experience like?

Girl, it was crazy! It was great lip syncing with my sisters up there, but as you could maybe see, it was super chaotic up there with all of us lip syncing and trying to dance around each other. And honey, Aquaria, she was hungry! She really wanted it and we could tell. It looks like it paid off for her right? Good for her!

Speaking of fierce, your new single “The Big Girl” premiered. What is the message behind that song and video?

Girl, those fierce bold and plus sized people are the best message. I put out a casting call and they came and turned it out! I was so happy to be able to give everyone a fun dance anthem to just dance to and be fierce.  I loved doing that video and showing off some big and bold gorgeous people and having such a positive message to go along with it.

Your season-long feud with The Vixen threatened to dominate the season, and particularly some parts of Untucked at times. Do you think you will ever be able to patch things up?

You know, I really think we will. I am an overly optimistic person, so take that with a grain of salt (laughs). But yeah, I think we just may be able to get there. She is a confident, strong and fierce black woman and I am a loud and sometimes too much big girl who is equally fierce. We have a lot in common and I think we can eventually get there.

Unfortunately, sometimes, the Drag Race fans can be even more vicious than fellow competitors. If you could meet some of the more vicious fans, what would you say to them?

I would hug them. I would give them a big old hug and tell them I loved them and that they are worth it. I think so many of these people just want to lash out and really just want to be heard. I hear them. But being hateful like that isn’t the answer.

What makes you the most proud about being a part of Season Ten?

I think I am most proud of my relationships. I have built such positive relationships with my sisters, from both seasons really. They are there for me and I am there for them. I have found a sisterhood with them. And we are able to influence other people, especially the younger generation and be an example to them also. That always gives me a ton of pride, baby.