As one of the illustrious winners chosen to participate in RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7, Yvie Oddly brought her own patented brand of chaotic glamour and out-of-the-box presentation to the Drag Race main stage, making her a crucial part of the competition.
I sat down to chat with Yvie about what it was like joining her fellow crown-holding sisters for this dynamic competition, her thoughts on Willow Pill being the most recently crowned winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race and what dreams she has yet to realize in her illustrious career.
Michael Cook: What does it feel like to have returned to RuPaul’s Drag Race as part of the All Stars 7 cast and be showcased with so many of your fellow winners?
Yvie Oddly: It was such a trip and definitely vastly different than my first Drag Race run!
MC: Would you consider it a bit of a more “relaxing” experience as each of you has already previously won?
YO: Maybe it is as relaxed as an intense drag competition is allowed to be (laughs)!
MC: When you got the call to return for All Stars 7, how did you want to make this experience different this time around?
YO: For me, it was definitely all about the attitude that I had going into the competition. The first time going in, it was my first chance to prove who I was to the world and I wanted to make sure they had the most authentic vision of myself. Not only preparing my runways but also with some of my interactions and drama. This time, I wasn’t as bothered with being authentic because I know I am going to be who I am going to be, and do what I do. I wanted to have more fun though, I wanted to focus on the experience and not just claw my way to the top or anything.
MC: I think that was definitely showcased throughout the competition. You are a queen that truly doesn’t have to have every single lash in its perfect place and you are truly able to simply put your performance first. Have you always been that type of performer?
YO: I’ve always been that type of an artist unfortunately, I think as artists we all chase perfection in some aspects. When I am getting myself ready or creating something new, I am trying my hardest to create a finished piece. Since I have started embracing the fact that there is going to be chaos and realizing that it’s not going to be perfect ever, I have had a lot more fun along the way just creating, performing, living and being. Not being so involved in being so involved, in worrying about controlling so many details of life. Because you can’t — it’s a burning ball of chaos and it is out of your hands.
MC: When you looked around your entire cast once you were all in the workroom together, are there any performers that you were truly interested in having the opportunity to work with?
YO: For me, it was Raja. I performed with her once or twice back when I was a local girl and she came through and did our shows. Even then, I was just so inspired by her and in awe of her, but I had not had a chance to sit down and talk with her and chill with her. I'm very inspired by Raja and always have been. She was one of the first queer people I saw on my television before I even really knew what that meant.
MC: What does Daddy Oddly have to say about being an unexpected sex symbol ever since he appeared during the season finale when you were crowned?
YO: What do you mean unexpected?; he has lived this way his whole life (laughs)! I’ve lived this way my whole life. He’s been fine since he’s been born. The second he said yes to coming to the finale, I knew what was happening here (laughs)!
MC: You are doing All Stars 7 on the heels of Willow Pill winning season 14 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. When I spoke with her she was still reveling in her win and hadn’t spoken with you yet, but now that things have slowed down a bit for her, have you gotten to speak?
YO: It feels right for me. Even outside of Drag Race, I have always thought that Willow is such an incredibly talented, funny, sick and twisted artist. That is why I really vibed with her before, so when she finally made it onto Drag Race, she was a winner even if she went home first. It feels right to say she is a winner in my mind, but also in reality (laughs)!
MC: You have gotten to travel the globe and headline on the Vegas stage in RuPaul’s Drag Race Live. Let’s manifest; is there something you have not gotten to do that you are truly dying to do still?
YO: My bucket list is never going to be done. There are plenty of things that I haven’t gotten to do and I only discover them when they come up, like the Vegas show. I don’t know, I think it would be pretty cool to like, walk a runway. It would be amazing to act in a theatrical production, maybe on Broadway or to do some television or some film. There is a lot that I really enjoy doing and drag is there to do it all. I want to do a lot, I want it all.
MC: Your music is revolutionary and unique within the Drag Race stratosphere. Who truly influences you, even outside of the Drag Race world?
YO: I am just going to be myself, no matter what. As corny as that sounds, apparently it even comes through in my music. At least up until this point, it is heavily influenced by the music that I love listening to in this space that has been carved out with my best friend/drag daughter. Since high school, we would just get together and learn the lyrics to all of these raps and then just wrap them together! I’m inspired by rap, hip hop, and also by all of my chaotic music that is always on shuffle and really pisses anyone else off.
MC: What is truly making Yvie Oddly the proudest right now?
YO: The sense of peace and stability that I have never been comfortable with. I think a lot of my drag and a lot of my life comes from embracing the chaos. Sometimes I live and don’t really set up myself for success to feel comfortable with any routine or stability. I think I have grown to be this person that enjoys a little bit of balance in my life. I like to go out, do drag, party, throw my body on the ground, but I also like to spend a week at home knitting and soaking in salt baths.

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