Gia Gunn is one of the most polarizing queens to come out of the cast of "RuPaul's Drag Race" this season. Between her gorgeous runway looks and sharp tongue, you never knew what Gia was going to say or wear on a weekly basis. SFGN spoke with Gia about her "Snatch Game" choice, who she would impersonate if she had the chance to do it over again, and what she may (or may not) regret.

Gia, you "sashaying away" so early was pretty controversial. Why do you think that is?

I had so much more to offer and America knew that. It was unfortunate that I wasn't bombarded with all the challenges that were not my strengths all at once. I also know my charisma on the show definitely added a lot to the show and gave it life. I had a voice and whether or not people fully agreed, they were listening and I was heard! The fact that there were "sloppier" queens still on the runway after I left just goes to show you it's not all about the execution of a look or being super fem and beautiful. "RPDR" wants talent and really lets you know where you stand in terms of the full spectrum. There is much more to drag than just rhinestones and thousands of dollars worth of costumes. I learned that very quick!

"Snatch Game" is one of the most notoriously difficult challenges every season. What made you switch from Selena to Kim Kardashian?

My original plan was to do "Ms Swan" from MadTV. However due to legal issues, I wasn't able to do her on the show. Selena was something last minute that I grabbed literally while running out the door. I didn't have many options in terms of giving a specific characters look. And at the moment I was so worried and concentrated on the "look" not remembering that it's more about being comical and funny. The more I thought about it, Selena was not a funny character and she is deceased. Without poking fun at her and making inappropriate jokes about her and her life, I didn't think her character would have gone over well with America. So like I said on the show I decided to go with something more "safe" and obviously that wasn't much better! However, I learned so much from this experience and don't regret a thing!

Who would you do if you could do it all over again?

If I could do it all over again, I think I would do Manila Luzon or Margaret Cho!

Many have said that the "shade" you threw on the show was pretty severe. Any regrets on anything you said or did?

Absolutely not! I signed up for a gay reality TV show with a bunch of men in wigs and sweated out panty hose! How much shadier does it really get? Sorry if my opinions were clearly stated and others were forgotten. Plus, I don't call it shade, I call it simple honesty.

You also clashed with a couple of the other girls, most noticeably Joslyn Fox. Who did you get closest with on the show? Anyone you won't miss?

I was closest to Laganja and Adore on the show; But me and Laganja continued to stay close where Adore kind of faded off into her own world. Which was completely fine! We were in a competition and it was probably best to not get so close to other contestants. However, the bond Laganja and myself had was very obvious and we knew no matter the results we were going to be friends. To this day we talk very frequently and cherish our friendship very much. Couple of girls won't be missed but I think it's pretty clear who those are....considering there's nothing to miss from the beginning?

Milk being "safe" and you leaving was a shocking decision for some. Looking back, how do you think Milk managed to stay around this long?

She was adding an immense amount of versatility to the competition and she knew exactly what she was doing. Which was being herself, and that's why she got casted to begin with!

What's next for Gia Gunn? A run for the "All-Stars" crown maybe?

Absolutely! Keep striving for more and continue to prove myself to RuPaul and America that I am a fierce entertainer and my aesthetic will lavish and continue to inspire others. As well as send chills up your man’s back!