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Kisses. Four of them, to be exact.

On a recent episode of Disney XD’s “Star vs. the Forces of Evil,” four same-sex couples engage in kisses in a concert crowd.

The scene begins as protagonist Star gets snubbed by her love interest at a boy band concert. She looks around to see couples surrounding her making out to the music — including what appears to be four same-sex couples.

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This marks the first time the network has aired any sort of same-sex cartoon kiss. The studio first included same-sex couples in a 2014 episode of Good Luck Charlie, which showed off a character’s lesbian parents without bringing attention to their gender or sexuality.

SFGN Disney2

Disney XD isn’t the first production to show LGBT inclusivity in cartoons. Last year, Nickelodeon introduced interracial gay parents in the television show “The Loud House.” The network’s cartoon “The Legend of Korra” also featured a lesbian couple between two of the show’s main characters.

Cartoon Network has also made headway in LGBT inclusion through the show “Steven Universe.” The coming-of-age cartoon features crystal gem humanoids who identify as females — some of which engage in what appear to be same-sex romances.

Check out the clip below.