It’s confirmed. Constantine is coming to Legends of Tomorrow. This time, he’ll be as bisexual as he was in the original DC comics.

“As for the character of Constantine, we knew that an alienated, chain-smoking, bisexual, world-weary demonologist would feel right at home among our Legends,” show producer Phil Klemmer said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

Constantine will be a part of several episodes in the current third season of the show. The first episode premiered on Tuesday.

Matt Ryan claims the role of Constantine, after playing him in television show ‘Arrow’ and the character’s namesake show ‘Constantine’ which ended in 2015 after a 13-episode run.

This isn’t the first time a DC television series has included an LGBT character.

In “Gotham,” Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin) realized he was in love with fellow villain Edward Nygma (The Riddler). The actor who plays The Penguin, Robin Lord Taylor, pushed back against fans displeased with the character’s sexuality.

"I just want to address the people who say, you know, 'I have no problem with him being gay or queer or anything, I just have a problem with you guys changing or altering the canon.' And I have to say that that's a bunch of horseshit,” he addressed at Rhode Island Comic Con. “You can’t say that to me if you also didn’t have the same amount of consternation about Batman ‘89, where the Joker killed Batman’s parents. That’s a total departure from the canon characters.”

He continued: “You come to me and you say to me that 'I'm OK with you being queer, but I'm upset that you're changing a canon character,' what you are saying to me is 'I am homophobic and I am afraid of gay people and queer people.'”

Other LGBT characters in live-action DC shows include Sara Lance “White Canary,” Nyssa Al Ghul and Curtis Holt (Mister Terrific) of “The Arrow” and “DC Legends of Tomorrow” series.

The CW has even launched its own DC animated series featuring a gay main character. “Freedom Fighters: The Ray” features main character Raymond ‘Ray’ Terrill, a gay man who takes on light-based powers — and the superhero alias The Ray.

And when it comes to comic books, DC has tried to make new additions to be LGBT-inclusive. In August they planned to introduce Doctor Endless, DC’s first genderfluid character. The character was set to appear in “Suicide Squad: The Black Files” — that is, until the comic was postponed a week before its release.

According to DC Comics News, the company intends to re-solicit the series, but it will not be released until November at the earliest, if ever.

However, DC Comics has had some success in LGBT inclusion. Following the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando which took the lives of 49 people and injured 53 others — many of which LGBT and Latinx — DC teamed up with IDW Publishing to release a “Love is Love” comic anthology with proceeds benefitting the victims.

The 144-page comic book sold for only $10 a piece, with over $200,000 going to Equality Florida to help victims since its release in December of last year.

“The book has taken a life of its own and every penny generated will go towards different LGBT charities over the years,” he said. Andreyko told SFGN in June. “I never would have imagined that this project would not only raise so much money, but touch so many lives.”