Social media has given adult stars new platforms and new abilities to communicate with their legions of fans, and now several adult film stars are stepping in front of the camera in a different way.

"X-Rated: NYC" (courtesy of OUTtv) showcases four reality stars (Boomer Banks, Dante Colle, Max Conner, and Joey Mills) showcase their off-screen lives, with a hearty dose of drama thrown in. In between juggling filming and his newest venture with a hotline (a brand new and inventive platform for content creators), Colle and I sat down for an extensive chat. We discussed his initial entrance into the adult entertainment community, putting his life in front of the camera, and which of his fellow adult entertainers might make an interesting cast member on a future iteration of "X-Rated."

Michael Cook: What kind of reaction have you seen from being a part of the inaugural season of "X-Rated: NYC"?

Dante Colle: I’ve been watching social media and it is getting a lot of positive responses and from what I heard, it has been pretty positive.

MC: What has surprised you the most about the experience of filming a reality show?

DC: This whole time, even when we started filming it, I was taking a very nonchalant attitude, even though I was taking the filming very seriously. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t have expectations towards things so I kept it very “it is what it is.” Watching it really become something though, it was like “oh wow, I didn’t expect it to be like this!” It’s been really cool, and filming it, I had a blast. It is getting more attention than I thought that it might or was told that it could, so it is like “wow people are really watching this”! It’s a cool experience, but at the same time, my character definitely says things that people are not used to hearing like you can like guys and girls at the same time. While I stand by every word that I said, I definitely think it can stir the pot a bit.

MC: As a pansexual person, you are representing a perspective of sexuality that we don’t get to see that often on reality television. Are you finding it still something that people have difficulty wrapping their heads around or are you seeing it become a bit easier?

DC: It’s always been easy, I am a very cutthroat kind of person, I say something and if you don’t like it I move on. I don’t fight the issue, I just leave it for what it is. It’s never been an issue for me, but I would say that the responses turn out pretty well. That also comes from the people that I’ve spoken to. I can’t say how everyone is responding though, but I have gotten some bad responses from some people on the LGBT side, but I get that on the straight side also. I’ll tell a girl that I have sex with dudes and they’re like “what, you’re gay”? I explain that I “like everybody” though.

MC: I’ve always said that two men and two girls making out at a straight bar would get significantly different responses. Why do you think that stigma still exists?

DC: I use that example all the time. It’s hard to say why it exists, but my best guess is, while very cliche, the toxic masculinity in society. It floods into other people’s ways of thinking. When you have a girl who only hangs out with guys who are one way, they may think that way. The toxic masculinity factor doesn’t really need an explanation, they’re just trying to prove a point. I think it really depends on the mindset that people hang around with.

MC: What was your entrance into the adult industry?

DC: I was 18 and scrolling through the adult job area of the Backpage area, just out of curiosity. I stumbled across an ad where they were looking for young adult males for adult films. The ad was for straight scenes, but it was for Corbin Fisher. They told me in the email what it was, that they would give me straight scenes but there was also gay stuff. I applied to do the straight solo scenes and two weeks later, I was in Las Vegas filming. They talked me into doing a gay scene, even though it didn’t require much talking into it; I didn’t plan on doing it. They mentioned that I could make more money that way so I said “fuck it.”

MC: Did you have any kind of a deep relationship on-screen with any of your "X-Rated: NYC" co-stars?

DC: The only person that I had filmed with prior to the show was Joey. I think when you are on different sides of the country you film where you’re at; Vegas, New York, LA, etc. Max (Konner) and Boomer (Banks) are located in New York primarily.

MC: Was it surprising when you started filming with each other and you started experiencing some static with your co-stars?

DC: Not really, we kind of knew each other already. I’ve met Boomer and Max briefly at awards shows, but it wasn’t a lot of experience with them. Joey (Mills), I had filmed a couple of times with though.

MC: Adult entertainers sometimes find the ability to exit the industry gracefully and are able to pivot to the next stage of their career. Five years from now, where do you see your own career going?

DC: It’s funny you say that because I think I am getting to that point now; I’ve been in a weird place. I kind of just ride the wave; if I feel like I am being pushed out and people don’t want to work with me or mentally I am not there, I will make that transition. It’s hard to say though, what will happen in five years though; every year is so different and it is never what I expected it to be. I will probably be doing studio stuff a lot less, and right now I am planning on moving out to Europe, so that might be in the cards. I am starting up my own studio, it is a very small project, so maybe I will be spending more time on that. Or hopefully I will be retired (laughs)! Some investments could work out and I would only work for fun every once in a while.

MC: I think there is a good chance we may see another season of "X-Rated: NYC." Who are some performers that you think would be great additions to the cast and would really add something to the cast?

DC: I was thinking about that, an LA branch would add a whole different group to the pool. Beaux Banks would be a good fit, I don’t know if he’s introduced to that crowd but I think he would be a good addition. Maybe Cade Maddox since he is also a Fleshjack guy. I don’t know him that well, but think he might be a good addition. Michael Boston too, he would be perfect for the show, I love him!

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