In the 99th episode of Fox television comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” show mainstay Rosa Diaz was revealed to be bisexual.

During last Tuesday’s episode, Diaz’s sexuality was revealed after a phone call with a female voice called her “babe.” Show character Charles later asked about her sexuality and she reveals she is dating a woman.

According to Entertainment Weekly, actress Stephanie Beatriz said she hadn’t seen bisexuality represented like the way they showed her character.

“It’s really cool to me that our show is exploring something with almost the safety net underneath it, telling the audience, ‘Look, we’re not doing this so that we can explore a story and simply throw it away when it’s convenient for us,” she said. “We are going to keep this person around because we love this person already.”

The show’s 100th episode, which will air on Dec. 12, will explore Diaz’s identity further, according to Entertainment Weekly.