Can’t get enough of reality television? Neither can Julie Goldman, one of the breakout sensations of Bravo’s “The People’s Couch” and co-host of the “Vanderpump Rules” online after-show.

Each week, Goldman and her straight best friend, Brandy Howard, both actors, comedians and writers, are seen sacked out on the couch commenting in real time for the camera on the latest reality and drama programs.

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Goldman will be coming to South Florida this week to host the 4th Annual Pink Flamingo Awards on Thursday, an annual fundraiser for the LGBT Visitor Center in Miami Beach. As an added bonus, Howard will be along for the trip and ready to sign autographs after the awards with her buddy Goldman.

Together, they have written several screenplays and landed a gig penning jokes for Joan Rivers on E’s “Fashion Police.” Then, they successfully auditioned in 2014 for “People’s Couch” and were later recruited by Bravo to host the “Vanderpump Rules” after-show.

“I’ve been doing comedy and acting for a long time, but certainly the show has broadened an audience that would not have seen me before, which is amazing,” said Goldman. “We love doing it. The best thing for me is the fact that (the producers) never ask me to change anything that I’m doing or saying. “

On filming days, the show’s crew sets up remote controlled cameras in front of the duo, but then leave them to watch while their reactions are recorded.

“We really do watch a million hours of TV,” joked Goldman.

The “Vanderpump Rules” after-show is different, she noted.

“We take each episode or two episodes at a time and dissect them with cast members from the show, kind of like ‘Watch What Happens Live.’ We try to make it fun. ‘Vanderpump Rules’ is such a phenomenon and people love to hate them,” she said. “It’s amazingly popular with a huge fan base. Whether they love them or hate them, they’re rabid.”

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As often happens with “reality” shows, Goldman noted that the cast members are real people when they’re not being edited into the storyline producers create.

“What I’ve learned from doing the after-show is when you meet them in person, you realize they’re just a person and they’re fine,” she said. “The shows aren’t scripted but they are produced. When you put them in a situation, that’s what happens.”

With a new season of “Vanderpump Rules” currently being filmed, Goldman and Howard are waiting to learn if they will be returning to the after-show: “You just never know until that first day of filming,” she explained.

As for her appearance at Jungle Island at the Pink Flamingos, Goldman promised, “It’s going to be a little off the cuff, super-fun. Those awards are so important to people in the community and I hope to bring a little love and a little humor. I’ll probably offend someone, but we’ll keep that to a minimum.”

The 4th Annual Pink Flamingo Awards benefitting the Miami Beach LGBT Visitors Center will be held on Thursday, Sept. 22 at Jungle Island, 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail in Miami. For tickets and more information, go to