After last season of Netflix show Black Mirror prominently featured a lesbian couple in one of its storylines, the new season has fans frustrated there is no LGBT storylines or characters this season.

LGBT-inclusive episode “San Junipero” won two Emmy Awards and received critical praise — leaving fans hoping for more, according to PinkNews. But after only getting a quick mention of lesbians in episode “Hang the DJ,” some viewers took to social media to voice their disappointment.

“i'm actually really sad about black mirror and the lack of lgbt+ representation this season? san junipero won a fucking EMMY because it was groundbreaking in terms of lgbt characters in sci-fi and charlie brooker was like... 'let's make it the season of straights',” wrote one Twitter user.

Other users claimed that the “Hang the DJ” episode, which centers around the use of futuristic dating apps, could have also left room for more LGBT inclusion.

“The heterosexuality in black mirror hang the dj is gross where are the gays why isn’t the episode about a gay who keeps getting paired with the wrong gender,” another wrote.

“While I love #HangTheDJ, let’s consider for a moment that we gays basically gave the world dating apps, yet aside from a quick “lesbian try out session” for the main character LGBT people don’t seem to exist in this world. #BlackMirror,” wrote a third.