Thirty-Four. That’s the number that was on Amy Schneider’s mind going into Monday’s episode of “Jeopardy!”

On Thursday she tied the record for third-most consecutive games won on the long-running game show.

On Friday she was on a roll, easily outpacing the other two contestants. By the time the final round began it was a foregone conclusion that she would break James Holzhauer's 2019 record of 32 games.

“So, I'd set a new mark for my lowest winning total in a game. But hey, the important word there was ‘winning!’” Schneider wrote on Twitter in her post-game recap. “I'd yet again gotten through a full week of taping, and taken sole possession of third place on the all-time list!”

During the final round she bet $20,000, an unusually large bet for her. She got it wrong so she walked away with $10,200.

Her grand total is now $1,148,600.

Perhaps it was destiny for Schneider to become one of the game show’s greatest players — in 8th grade her class voted her most likely to compete on “Jeopardy!”

She told NPR that in order for her to stay relaxed before each game she runs through the lyrics of “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. “It’s so fitting to the moment because I really do have to lose myself in the moment.”

Schneider will need to win 39 games in order to overtake Matt Amodio’s record-breaking streak from last year, which would put her in second place. That game takes place next Monday — that’s of course if she continues to win.

A week and half ago she topped $1 million in winnings on the show becoming the fourth person, and first woman, to win more than $1 million during regular season play.

Schneider was already a history-making contestant. She is the first transgender contestant to qualify for the tournament of champions, a yearly tournament featuring players who won the most games from the past season.

While Schneider has mostly dominated the competition during her run on the long-time game show, her victory wasn’t assured.

In her first appearance on the show Nov. 17 she went up against Andrew He, a five-day champion. Going into the final round she was in second place. He got it wrong, while Schneider answered correctly, giving her her first win.

“Amy's still at it, winning game after game. She's an incredible player, navigating the board like she's been doing it her whole life. She's also handled the absolutely vile comments she's received on social media from bigotry and narrow-minded jerks with grace and strength,” wrote Andrea Asuaje, a competitor of Schneider’s. “I lost to Amy Schneider, but now I want her to keep winning. I want her to keep breaking records. I'm rooting for her with my whole heart. And as cheesy as it sounds, being a part of Amy’s winning streak — even as someone she defeated — is an honor.”

Schneider continues her “Jeopardy!” journey tonight at 7:30 p.m. on ABC (check local listings).


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