It’s not often you see almost an entire workroom upset to see a fellow competitor go home on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, but that is exactly what you saw when the much beloved and den mother extraordinaire Latrice Royale was eliminated during the most recent episode of All Stars.

While others see this as one of their last chances to make an impact on Drag Race fans, Latrice has carved out a very special place in the heats and minds of fans since her Season 4 appearance; this uber professional queen has business to tend to! I caught up with Latrice post-elimination and we talked about her time on All Stars, her intolerance for unprofessionalism; and the upcoming pivot in Latrice’s career. 

Latrice, you are RuPaul’s Drag Race royalty, and as one of the twists of the season, returned to the workroom with your former All Stars 1 partner Manila Luzon. How did it feel to get to shock the whole workroom when you guys walked back in? 

Twisted! (laughs). It felt just like it looked. It was good, I was excited about it and coming back and giving the girls a little bit of a scare, you know? 

Do you think that you could have stood out more in the “Jersey Justice” challenge that ultimately sent you home? 

Sure. I wasn’t going to stoop to their level though; I just can’t do it, I cannot do it. I am used to working with professionals, and that is all tea and all shade. I am used to working with people who understand comedic timing and when it’s your turn to talk and when it’s time to let other people talk, you know what I mean? There is none of that; it is all “look at me AGGGH”(laughs)! 

As one of the most seasoned and professional queens to ever walk through that workroom, how do you stay composed when you have interactions with queens that are exceedingly unprofessional, such as what happened with Gia Gunn during this year’s “Snatch Game of Love” challenge? 

That is the part that people don’t understand. It is not as easy as it looks; if it’s not within your nature, for me it’s not within my mechanics to go "to the left”. I am not going to join you on your level, I can’t. The only way to be above it is to be above it and that is where I am at. 

When you came back into the workroom is there anyone that you were surprised not to see? 

I definitely thought I would see Mariah Balenciaga, but she wasn’t there. There had been a lot of buzz about her, but she wasn’t there (laughs)! 

Now that one half of Season 1 All Stars team “Latrila" is out of the competition, please tell me that we may get a sequel to your amazing single “The Chop” that was done after your Season 1 All Stars elimination. 

Ohhhh! Well look, that would depend on Manila, we would have to figure that out, maybe give you guys a follow up. A sequel! 

You come from South Florida, where the drag is legendary. So many girls would absolutely kill it on RuPaul’s Drag Race and each of them have their own unique flavor to offer the show. From Athena Dion to Daisy DeadPetals to Tiffany Fantasia to TP Lords, there are countless girls to choose from in the Sunshine State. Who do you think would absolutely kill it on Drag Race

Right, all of them! I think TP would be amazing on the show, I think that Daisy would be great in all of those challenges, she is kooky like that. I think Athena would be good, and Tiffany Fantasia is a hoot!  I keep wondering why more girls from there have not made it on, I don’t know if they aren’t sending their tapes in or what. I know they’re traveling internationally also; we just got Athena booked in London; she’s the Queen of Mykonos! 

“Here’s To Life” was your one woman show that you traveled with and it was absolutely spectacular! 

Now, I am going to continue and develop more of my one woman show. I have toured with “Here’s To Life” in Europe and the U.K., but I have not done to much here in the United States, a proper stateside tour, so that is on the horizon. I also want to do more television, more scripted movies, I am kind of transitioning out of the nightclub scene, so you won’t be seeing me there as much. I am too old for that, you know when you get close to a certain age and you’re still in the nightclub you need to reevaluate your life (laughs). So now you get to come to the theater to see me honey, yes darling! 

Your pictures from your wedding were glorious, and hearing you talk about you husband Christopher on the show was heartfelt and a great peek at the kind of love that can come when you are being your most authentic self. Is married life everything that you thought it would be and more? 

And more. I never thought that it would be, so it definitely surpassed that, you know? It was never something that was on my radar, but now that it has happened it has made us better. We really try harder at being good for each other and the best that we can be. Even when we have gone through it, we have tried to bring it back home real quick. It’s healthy! 

As a Drag Race superstar who travels the world now, it must be comforting to have that port in the storm who you can come home to and truly be yourself and not have to always be Latrice Royale.

It really does help to have someone who gets it. It takes my own angst away to know that I don’t have to put on heirs and I can just relax and just chill and just “be”.

It’s the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall and World Pride is coming up. What gives you the most pride for yourself now? 

What gives me the most pride is the fact that I can use my voice, which I thought I did not have, to make change happen. I can use it to inspire and motivate people. I am most proud of the fact that I do have that effect on people. The fact that my message is being heard makes me proud, and that is all the validation that I need. The fact that people are listening and they hear it and see it and they want better and that they want better for themselves. That is all that I want.

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