The list of dating apps has grown significantly since 2009 when Grindr first made its debut. Then the “Honey, I thought it was an app about making coffee!” lies began. Now, the list of hookup apps is spreading worse than the Macarena craze. But I've noticed a trend in these new up-and-cumming (pun intended) apps where it's becoming more difficult to just do... a... simple... hookup.

Nothing against the men interested in more than sex of course, but this is about skipping the awkward appetizer talk and getting straight to the meaty entree. Here are three apps (both iPhone and Android) that you may not be aware are great for those desirable quickies. But remember... always be safe!

Bro. Though not intentionally for hookups, this app has worked well for me. The whole premise is centered around making friends and finding "bromance." Bromance is a term the straight guys made up so they can still flirt with other men and tell their girlfriends it's perfectly OK to touch another man's crotch. The graphics interface is done quite well with the red plastic cups from the college drinking game called Beer Pong, where players try to land balls in their drinks (not the kind of balls I thought when I first played).

You start the app by logging in with Facebook then you decide what type of "Bro" you are like: Jock Bro, Brogrammer, and Preppy Bro. Yes, these may seem cheesy but I enjoyed that an app attempted to add flavor to the stale repetition of dating UIs. You can fill out more in your bio like body type (Huskular, Jacked, etc) and what you're looking for (Long-Term Bromance, Whatever Bro, etc). Then the app takes you to a list of locals where you can also see daily men who share similar interests. Even though I assume a lot of these men may be straight, there has been an abundance of them in that questioning phase which I'm glad to answer. Happy hunting, bro!

Tinder. What sounds like some strange foreign way to cook a steak is actually the popular app called Tinder. Login with your Facebook account and the app does the rest. It uploads your profile pictures from Facebook, then starts you off with a list of local men. What makes this app unique is it's easy to learn and finds the matches for you, so the more information in your profile... the better. Swipe the picture left if the guy isn't a match, or swipe right if he is. Doing this repeatedly will eventually find those sexy matches and let the conversation begin. My only gripe was I found it annoying that the app shows men WAY outside of my area, even though location services is turned on. I suggest reading the profile first before you ask "Looking?"

Badoo. We live in a digital age where advertisements stalk us, just like our High School fag hags. "How do you know you won't like it unless you try it?" Badoo is a good example of that trying-too-hard persistence, but it doesn't hurt to make friends. Like the other apps in this list, create a profile and get mingling with the local horny studs. I did like the access to the abundance of common interests because who wants to hookup with someone into Furries and Barbie Collecting? Have fun, but be careful where you touch or it may ask for some money, just like our High School fag hags.


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