The Sims 4 Video Game Now Allows Trans Characters

Source: Electronic Arts via AP

"The Sims," a 16-year-old video game series about simulating real life, is loosening gender restrictions on character customization in a free expansion.

In the past, the characters (known as "Sims") were limited to the physiques, walk style, clothing, hair and voices of their assigned sex. Women couldn't have the majority of short styles already available to men, and men certainly couldn't have high-pitched voices or wear dresses

Now, over 700 pieces of content are being opened up to Sims regardless of gender, according to EA and Maxis.

"The Sims is made by a diverse team for a diverse audience, and it's really important to us that players are able to be creative and express themselves through our games," Maxis said in a statement. "We want to make sure players can create characters they can identify with or relate to through powerful tools that give them influence over a Sims gender, age, ethnicity, body type and more."

So what does this mean for gamers? Well, now you can have trans men or women in your game -- as well as gender fluid sims, or someone who just feels a little androgynous. 

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