We’ve all been there. Sure, love is grand but it can also be difficult. Between the arguing and disagreeing, sometimes we need help. Then I was told about an app that caters to couples! I was fortunate enough to speak with the staff of this interactive new app called “Happy Couple” to ask a few questions.


What makes Happy Couple stand out from competitors like Match.com, eHarmony.com, or OkCupid.com?

These are not actually competitors. These sites are directed towards singles who desire to meet a new partner. Happy Couple is for couples to play together once they have met and are dating or are already in an intimate relationship.


That’s fantastic! How can your app strengthen couple interactions?

By learning more about your partner, you'll know how they want to be treated when they are sick or what their partner can do to make them feel loved.  This way you can treat your partner in the way that they most desire to be treated.  Also, the app brings up subjects couples may be too shy to initiate discussions on and this can help couples safely experiment sexually because they may find that they are both interested in trying things that neither were comfortable bringing up.  And a better sex always adds positively to a couple's relationship.


The app sounds very unique and exciting! Where did the inspiration for this app come from?

The CEO, Julien Robert had met his new girlfriend on Tinder and was looking for an app to help him make this relationship succeed.  He realized that there were no helpful relationship apps out there so he started gathering a team together to figure out how we could come up with a game that was fun to play yet would help couples improved their relationships and their relationship skills.


It seems by your company's website that this app caters to straight couples. Does the app offer options for gay/lesbian individuals searching for love?

We cater to all couples regardless of gender or sexual orientation. There are questions that are specifically written for gay and lesbian couples, couples in long distance relationships, couples who have children and those who do not.


How about transgender individuals?

Our gender categories are male, female, and other. I hope that covers everyone.


Which phones is the app available for?

All of them. It works on all smart phones as well as iPads, and other tablets. It can be downloaded on Google play, the app store, the Windows store as well as on your desktop.


What can users expect in coming updates?

We have a lot of ideas in the works. We are offering love packs with questions in different special areas such as experimental sex, marriage preparation, wedding planning, parent prep 1st year, money issues, family history questions, favorites, etc. The app store will have gift ideas for special occasions and just for saying "I love you".  

We are going to enrich the messaging with GIFs and other kinds of visuals in addition to the existing texting. We are planning to make it possible for couples to compete against their friends.  And we will be adding surprise suggestions to keep couple's interactions new and fun.


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