Maybe you've heard about it on the news or seen people wandering in circles with their camera phones pointed to the ground.

As though we didn't have enough reasons to bury our faces in cellphones, now searching for Pokemon has become the latest trend.

Nintendo, with the help of a software company called Niantic, has released one of the most unique games to land on the app store. And being judged by the popularity so far, the executives are probably bathing in a bathtub full of $100 dollar bills.

If you’ve been hiding under a rock since 1995, or probably living the lifestyle of an Amish person, then you may not be familiar with the term “Pokemon.” No, it’s not the nickname of a Jamaican power bottom. According to Wikipedia: Pokemon is centered on fictional creatures called Pokemon, which humans known as trainers catch and train to battle each other for sport. What began as a Game Boy video game featuring adorable creatures with unique powers, like Squirtle, Snorlax, Charizard, and the ever-popular Pikachu.

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Pokemon Go (available on iPhone or Android devices) uses the camera on your phone to locate animated creatures in your area using what’s called AR. AR is a mixture of reality and animation on your screen. With the help of GPS location services, you can now wander around and catch the cute creatures throwing Pokeballs to imprison them. The goal is to collect as many as possible to compete against other players in tournament-style gyms. You can find them anywhere like stores, parks, street corners, and bath houses (though I don’t recommend pulling your camera phone out there, I’ve already been banned). If only Grindr made such a fun app to find men. I'm sure throwing balls at them will draw their attention.

As with any game launch, server issues have made the game unplayable at times. With millions of users, it was sure to happen. Updates are promised from the software company to address these issues soon.

Like with every exciting phenomenon, there will still be situations to ruin the fun. This game has already discovered many downsides. Players have been wandering into bad neighborhoods only to get robbed of their phones. In Wyoming, a girl found a dead body while searching for a Pokemon. Also, businesses are being annoyed with unwanted patrons in their stores only looking for the little monsters and placing signs up that paying customers are only allowed to wander their business. A major wreck in Massachusetts was caused by an individual attempting to catch one of the rare Pokemons in the center of a highway. Also nudist resorts are barring any use of the cameras on your phone to find the beasts.

Here’s some tips of how to play the game without getting yourself in trouble:
-DO play with other gamers that you encounter on your scavenger hunt. You may find a best friend. DON’T point your phone at a random hot guy’s crotch to snap a picture and blame it on the game.
-DO get some much needed exercise by walking some of the prime areas in your town. DON’T run into a pole while doing it.
-DO some driving to find Pokemons anywhere in the city. DON’T try to catch them while you’re driving.
-DO cover-up to avoid sunburn and heat exhaustion. DON’T walk around the neighborhood in your pajamas.
-DO show fellow gamers the little monster you caught. DON’T offer to then show the little monster in your pants.


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