OutClique – A New Place to Get the Scoop on Gay Events

A new local website has launched focusing on gay-friendly events, places and resources for South Florida. It’s called OutClique.org.

“OutClique strives to be the one place that locals and visitors can visit to plan their days and nights,” said Steven Evans, the CEO and Founder of OutClique.org.

While there are other sites catering to that audience, Evans says many factors set OutClique.org apart from the competititon.

“OutClique has worked very hard to include all aspects of gay life in South Florida into our online database. Likewise, our company publishes as many gay and gay-friendly events that we can find.  We get these from our own searches, from our host database entries, and from user submissions,” Evans said.

The site also prides itself on being very user friendly. “Our event and host listings are all graphic driven, making it easy for users to scan and see what is available.  And our site is calendar-based, meaning that the data is always up to date.  All events must be entered by date, and are thus cataloged on the site appropriately.  Event data on the site is always displayed in real time,” Evans said.

The site has recently undergone a makeover, including a mobile-friendly version. That allows users to use their tablet or cell phone to check out events or plan their next trip. But users don’t need to visit the site to see all of its events. OutClique publishes all of its event photos on its social media page.  This allows users to find albums much easier, as well as tag themselves and their friends.

Hanging with your friends in person and online is the point of the site.

OutClique encourages one simple idea:  "Get out, be yourself, and enjoy every minute of it.”

So what’s next for OutClique.com? The site is currently developing its iPhone and Android apps. For more information, check out www.OutClique.org.

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