Three years have passed since Microsoft and Sony blessed us with their new gaming systems. The Playstation 3 was replaced with the Playstation 4, which looks like Sony got the design idea from a Pink Pearl pencil eraser. The Xbox 360 was replaced with the Xbox One, which (after Microsoft went from Windows 8 to Windows 10) proved once again that Microsoft has no idea how to count. I purchased both video game systems because I'm an enormous geek. And it was the first threesome I have been pleased with in a decade.

PS4 had a vast amount of games at the system's launch, such as Killzone: Shadow Fall, Warframe, and Call of Duty: Ghosts. The PS4 promised to be the video game system with more games and a stronger performance chip. It even came with DC Universe online, a video game where you can play any custom-made superhero. For me, it was my first time playing a female without any concerns about which bathroom to use.

Xbox One had a smaller launch of video games because its focus was more about being an "entertainment" system. Apps like Netflix, Skype, Xbox Music, and Hulu gave you other options besides playing games. The system came with the Kinect, a microphone/video device that watched and listened to your commands. It's similar to having your own houseboy from Spain. Sure, he's cute but it would be nice if he understood you sometimes.

But now these cool, hip upgraded systems are being…upgraded? I haven't even finished playing all the content of Skyrim yet and there are already announcements of new systems? Most gaming systems last 10 or more years before an upgraded system became announced. Like most gaymers, I feel cheated. So this is what Beyoncé has been singing about. At a $400 price tag, that's a lot of money to spend on something already considered obsolete. Does this mean all that hard-earned money was a waste? Before we collaborate on a hit song about being cheated on, let's look at the comparisons.

The new NEW PlayStation, to be named Playstation Neo, will have an upgraded GPU chip. This chip is capable of playing video and displaying pictures at high-resolution 4K. Notice that it's only for video and pictures, NOT video games. So seeing the detail in Commander Shepard's hairy chest will have to stay a fantasy. Also, 4K resolution can only be seen on televisions that support it. Those televisions cost $1,200 or more. If all this isn't enough to max out your Best Buy credit card, Sony is also releasing a VR (Virtual Reality) headset that can connect to the Playstation Neo. The headset will make porn...I mean, video amazing 360 degree experience.

The new NEW Xbox One hasn't been officially announced, but it's a strong rumor. Since Microsoft doesn't count correctly, we'll name it the Xbox One Hundred. This new system should have the same 4K resolution update and possibly go on a much-needed Hollywood diet to get slimmer. Microsoft has already released details of their own VR headset, but they're anticipating a much later release than Sony's counterpart.

So far, these differences aren't enough to toss your old system in the trash. Unless you have the money like…well, Beyoncé. I don't foresee an iPhone-style line outside of GameStop opening day. So don't fret, my fellow gaymers, because you won't need to work a second job to replace your game system just yet. Now, get back to having fun and playing with your joysticks.


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