French software company Fireworld has unfurled spyware which allegedly may help parents discover whether their son is gay.

Fireworld contrived a checklist of criteria that overwrought parents could use as a framework for exploration, which has since been removed from their website, the BBC reports.

The dated rubric of "telltale" signs and symptoms included "taking good care of himself, being more interested in reading and theatre than in football, being shy as a young boy, having certain piercings and liking female singers and divas."

And Fireworld has been careful to impress the simplicity of it all, as they noted on their website:

"You'll simply install a special program on your son’s computer. This will then start to monitor the entire activity of the PC. For example, to go back the history of the websites visited, everything that has been typed on the keyboard, even recover the passwords."

And although Fireworld promises auspicious results, their view on homosexuality is one of odd ambivalence.

"If your son is gay you may never be grandparents and you will not have the happiness of knowing your grandchildren," the now-removed article from their website explained. "Unfortunately, on this point you must not be selfish. If your child is gay, he can not help because it is not a choice on his part."



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