Media Matters: Gay Gossip and More

National Enquirer

This past week, the esteemed National Enquirer ran its annual feature of 'Who's Gay and Who's Not.'  And not many of the revelations were that revealing, but if you pick up the piece you will learn that the erstwhile Betty White reported that 'Cary Grant's homosexuality never hurt his career;' that McCauly- you may remember him in bed with Michael Jackson- has a heroin addiction, and there is a 66% possibility that Jessica Biel is gay.

With so many Hollywood stars lining up to come out of the closet, you almost have to wonder if this 12 page spread could have been a 36 page special edition. More importantly for you bears out there who have seen Mickey Rourke on South Beach occasionally, the 60 year old muscled straight star is set to be lining up a role to play the renowned gay British rugby player Gareth Thomas in a major motion picture bio.  If you stop and think about it, there have been very few gay-centric bios, and that is what draws Rourke to the role, he says.

Wire Goes Glossy

The popular photographic weekly that permeates gay friendly Miami locales has taken a step onto the slick side. The news magazine, previously printed on high stock white paper, has gone all glossy.

Wire has been around 20 years, and has been embraced by the city and its numerous cultural and non profit organizations, primarily populating its pages with photographs capturing the events and surroundings of South Beach.

Publisher and Editor Rafa Carvajal is 'kvelling' over the new look and pizzazz the magazine generates, and is hopeful that it will drive the Thursday weekly to new successes. It certainly is bright and beautiful, and we wish them great success with the new look.

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