Macy's "Dump Trump" Petition Reaches Over 500,000 Signatures

Photo: Gage Skidmore

Over 510,000 people have signed a petition asking Macy's to dump Donald Trump.

Trump has long been involved with the mega-retailer. They have a special deal to sell his clothing line and fragrance, have honored Trump with major events, and feature Trump in the "magic of Macy's" advertising campaign.

Angelo Carusone, the progenitor of the petition, says he will personally deliver the petition to Macy's headquarters before the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for maximum exposure. He plans to deliver it to Terry J. Lundgren, Chairman of the Board, CEO and President at Macy's Inc.

Carusone is a 30-year-old law school graduate, former debate champion, and director of online strategy for Media Matters, according to Businessweek. Back in 2009, he led a campaign calling on advertisers to drop their support of Glenn Beck. Advertisers eventually listened, causing Beck to leave Fox.

In his petition, Carusone sites Macy's social responsibility policy, which reads:

There is no shortage of talk about the obligation of public companies to be socially responsible to the people and communities where they do business. At Macy's, Inc., we hold those same beliefs - along with a belief that actions speak louder than words when it comes to helping tackle some of the toughest problems facing us today.

The petition goes on to read: "Donald Trump does not reflect the 'magic of Macy's. We urge you to sever ties with him."

"Trump’s brand is consequence-free bullying. That doesn’t reflect well on Macy’s. People expect more from Macy’s,” says Carusone. “I’m more interested in what they have to say and less interested in what Donald Trump says.”

The petition has currently received 510,641 signatures on at the time this article was written. The goal is to reach 525,000.

Trump's spokesman, Michael Cohen, said the mogul and his team were unconcerned. "Mr. Trump is important to Macy's, both as a brand and as an endorser. His ties, shirts, cufflinks, fragrances and other merchandise are top-selling items across the country."

To sign the petition, visit the site here.

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