Local Businessman Offers New App It Technology

Jason-Patrick Chuyko

An opportunity to grow your sales with 21st century marketing

In a world now relying on smart phone and iPad technologies, downloading the newest app, which has the potential of enhancing your social life, or furthering your business ventures, has become ever so important.

One local businessman, Jason-Patrick Chuyko, is at the cutting edge of this new technology. You may have seen his ads for AppItMobile, in our newspaper, and you may want to call him to find out if he can develop an App which might help make your own business a little bit more successful, and easier to get to for your customers.

Chuyko has an intimate knowledge of the app world, mobile technology industry, as well as instructional design and development. Using those skills, he decided to open AppItMobile, Inc. after 2 years of learning, testing, and then mastering the systems.

If you type in "AppItMobile" in the search field of the App Store or Android Market, you will see a host of the Apps were created for many local and regional businesses, including our own here at SFGN, Chi Spa, the Florida Agenda, and Golden Crowne Limousine.

Chuyko advises that running AppItMobile is like working in any other business, that you have to pay attention to a customer’s needs and service the product, especially in this field, with its constantly evolving and emerging technologies.

“You have to stay on top of your game, stay current, and stay active in the changes which come so quickly with these new technologies,” he says.

Studies have shown that when a person has their laptop and Mobile Device in front of them, 53 percent will use their laptop, the other 47 percent will use their Mobile Device to either search the App Store / Android Market locally or the Mobile Browser. Chuyko suggests adding an app for your business will add customers to your business; that it is an option which can help grow your client base.

He says, “Once you are on your customer’s handset, you are always visible. They don't have to fumble around for your number or call for an appointment. We add one-touch dial, email, and GPS map as well as an Appointment Request form. AppitMobile offer’s high quality Apps without all the un-needed "fluff" are available at a very reasonable cost.”

App-It offers low cost, interest-free installment payments to assist with your budgeting. AppItMobile also has a new App Rental Program. Jason and his company doesn’t just build you an App, leaving you alone with a technology you are not used to. He tries to learn about your business and your goals, and then build your App while trying to build a business relationship with you. He says that “we care about the overall success of our clients, because that makes us more successful too.”

The Mobile App World may be confusing and you may still have a lot of questions.  Give a member of our community a call and an opportunity to help you out. You can reach him at Jason at, AppItMobile, Inc. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 954-871-APP1 (2771).

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