Hornet Gay Social Network Ups Its HIV Prevention on Website

Hornet Gay Social Network, one of the largest gay mobile apps, adds another in-app tool for AIDS prevention.

Hornet, which has already taken great strides to prevent the spread of HIV, has added an in-app tool that allows users to access aids.gov.

Hornet, which is free, allows gay men to engage and interact with others, but also reminds them of the importance of getting checked for HIV.

Despite the fact that promotion for awareness for AIDS has decreased, the number of people with the virus has increased. Hornet hopes to curb that; it realizes that as such a widely used app it can help a lot.

The newest tool allows members to find the ten nearest HIV testing locations so they can easily get checked any time or day.

The widget, which is supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, appears in the first slot on users’ favorite list within the app, reminding people to get checked for HIV.

Hornet has already done a lot to help promote HIV awareness. When it was first created in 2011, users who had been recently tested, got KYS (know your status) badges on their profiles, promoting members to get tested. Hornet also reminded users to constantly check their HIV status.

The new app is just another addition to make sure the spread of HIV decreases.

Within only one day, the new app got 30,000 hits.

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