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Grindr, the most popular gay dating/hook up mobile phone app, celebrates five years this week.

Grindr has more than five million active monthly users with more than 38 million chats being sent every day. There are now active users in 192 countries. Additionally more than one million Grindr users log on to the app every day, with an average of nine times per day sending 3.1 million photos daily.

“Grindr’s growth has been incredible,” said Founder and CEO of Grindr Joel Simkhai, in a prepared statement. “Starting out five years ago working from my house I never imagined that Grindr would develop into the global phenomenon it is today,”

For its anniversary Grindr surveyed its users in order to get a glimpse into the lives and habits of their users.

Here are a few of the results:

—    Almost half of Grindr guys identify as versatile in the bedroom
—    30 percent of users are looking for Mr. Right Now
—    58 percent of users have met six or more guys in person from the app
—    52 percent of them have met with at least five guys in the past 30 days

“Before Grindr, finding other gay men could be a real challenge and I’m proud that we provide the fastest and easiest way to meet a guy,” Simkhai said. “Our users have made millions of connections.”

When looking to meet someone, the most important feature to users was, according to the survey, a guy’s smile — followed closely by what’s inside their pants.

Additional findings include:

—    51 percent of Grindr users are in their twenties.
—    The most popular Grindr Tribes are Clean-cut (45%), Geek (31%) and Twink (29%).
—    Nearly 80 percent of Grindr users are single and out of those, 29 percent are looking for relationships.
—    Almost half of Grindr users over 40 years old are looking for ‘right now.’
—    When asked what their best feature was, 28 percent of respondents said their eyes and 28 percent said their smile.
—    Nearly three quarters of Grindr guys prefer their men with facial hair.

The survey was conducted March 17 with more than 9,000 users responding.

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