Google Apologizes to Bisexual Advocacy Group for Flagging Ads

BiNet USA.

After having their ads banned for saying “bisexual” and “gay,” BiNet USA received an apology from Google.

The web search engine had ads by the bisexual advocacy group banned due to the inclusion of certain words that were deemed “sexually explicit,” according to MetroWeekly. Google later sent two separate emails on Jan. 2 to BiNet apologizing and telling them those words usually are not flagged. 

“Okay @Google. That was quick,” BiNet Vice President Faith Cheltenham tweeted. “Thank you for reinstating the account of @BiNetUSA and affirming that words “bisexual” and “gay” are both relevant search terms and identities to take pride in. Thank you for apologizing. Thank you for fixing @adwords and let’s not next time?”

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