Gay Companies: HRC Releases 2012 Corporate Equality Index

The Human Rights Campaign has released their 2012 Corporate Equality Index (CEI). The CEI is released each fall, and provides an in-depth analysis and rating of large U.S. employers regarding their LGBT employee policies and practices.

2012 marks the 10th year the report has been issued. Back in 2002, only 13 businesses achieved a top score of 100%. This year, 189 companies earned 100%, and are recognized in the HRC's "Best Places to Work" list.

2012 is the first year in which businesses are being rated based on more stringent criteria regarding transgender health benefits. Additional criteria includes: equal employment opportunity, employment benefits, public engagement, responsible citizenship, organizational competency which includes presence of a diversity group, employee and management training, and gender transition support.

"LGBT people are an integral part of the American workforce and, similarly, the benefits and protections of employment are crucial to our community as we continue to work for full inclusion," wrote Joe Solmonese, President of HRC. "This report represents huge strides for LGBT people."

Businesses included on the Fortune 500 list of largest publicly traded companies that received the 100% rating include: Chevron, Bank of America, Wells Fargo & Co., IBM, and AT&T Inc. Falling short, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and General Electric Co. received 60s. Verizon Communications Inc. received 20. And Exxon Mobil received -25.

To view the full report and list, visit HRC's website here.

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