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Goldcoast Ballroom in Fort Lauderdale

Out of the Closet

Well, they were Out of the Closet facility and on the street last Saturday, on Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors. The not for profit shop held a fifth anniversary block party, which was attended by hundreds of people, who enjoyed fresh barbecued chicken, music, and drinks, all while having one minute HIV testing units set up around the plaza at City Hall.

Out of the Closet is just a cut above your average thrift store, with its wide selection of carefully laid out color schemes, modern furniture, and very nice art. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation runs it, and onsite is the AHF Pharmacy. You can learn more about one minute testing results at

Tint World

If you have seen the first of what will soon be two new delivery vans for SFGN, you have seen our trustworthy Transit Connect cruising through town, carrying your newspapers. We want to thank Auto Nation and Mike Albetta for helping us get a good deal.

We also want to thank Tint World of East Fort Lauderdale for shading the windows so promptly and efficiently. The facility on West Sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale offers great service and complete satisfaction. It is their number one priority.

The store manager, Danny Shenko, understands the value of a happy customer and goes above and beyond the call of duty to form a lasting relationship, and ensure you are content with your job. Danny has ten years of experience in e-commerce where he made his success by catering to his clientele.

Danny told SFGN that he enjoys putting customers first. “People love their cars, so I offer honest, friendly and knowledge advice. My goal is to offer a friendly environment and an experienced staff that customers can count on when it comes to their vehicle.”

Laffing Matterz

Laffing Matterz is a live, original, musical comedy revue spoofing current events – including politics, sports, celebrities and pop culture. The multi-award-winning show was previously housed in the venue of the same name in the historic McCrory building in downtown Fort Lauderdale for more than 3 years. It has now become the resident dinner theater for the Broward Center of the Performing Arts.

Laughing Matterz won popular acclaim, often winning fan-driven people’s choice awards for best dinner theater, from the Palm Beacher to the Broward/Palm Beach New Times, paring that with a 5 star rating by Trip Advisor.

The bottom line is that whether you are a local looking for a night out or a traveler looking for a good time, this is a place where you are able to blend great food with good comedy to have a unique experience you and your friends will really enjoy and talk about the next day. It’s a great option for a buddy’s birthday party or just a chance to hang out with close friends looking for a pleasant night out that leaves you laughing and leaving feeling real good.

Goldcoast Ballroom

Speaking of unique good times, the Goldcoast Ballroom has a magic and ambiance that sets it apart as the ultimate dancing experience. The establishment features a magnificent dance floor, plenty of room, and incredible music. Designed and built exclusively for ballroom dancing by its owners Jeff Sandler and Vinny Munno, the Goldcoast Ballroom has been home to world-renowned performers, producers, adjudicators, choreographers, coaches, and teachers. It is also a facility that has hosted amateur competitors and social dancers for over five years.

But how did Jeff Sandler and Vinny Munno pull this off? Their achievement is testimony to a winning formula of a marrying business acumen and knowledge of what dancers desire. That combination, energized by their enthusiasm and artistic expertise, have created a flair for fun and fancy, right down to their design and decorating. The result is an unbeatable and beautiful showplace.

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