A .net website is never anyone's first choice.

In a clever case of cyber-squatting, a group has registered the URL FreeKimDavis.com to redirect to MarriageEqualityUSA.com. The website grab was noticed and reported by Peter LaBarbera of the Americans for the Truth About Homosexuality, who is anything but amused.

Anyone interested in helping Kim Davis is free to go to FreeKimDavis.net.

"This is all part of the effort to ridicule Kim Davis," LaBarbera told American Family Association's One News Now. "And to make fun of any Christian who opposes the Supreme Court's imposition of homosexual marriage on the nation."

ChristianNews.net notes that FreeKimDavis.com purchased on September 3, and originally sent users to the donation page for the Human Rights Campaign.

When contacted by The Blaze, officials from HRC said that they did not register the domain. A request for comment from The Blaze to Marriage Equality USA was unreturned - most likely because since the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, most of their chapters are now defunct.


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