Facebook Will Not Bring Back Pride Flag Emoji For Pride Month

After making a reaction emoji for last year’s Pride month celebrations, Facebook has decided not to continue the emoji.

The symbol, which was introduced in 2017, could be used throughout June to react on Facebook, according to PinkNews. The icon for the reaction was a rainbow pride flag.

“We are no longer doing custom reactions for major holidays or moments in culture,” Facebook spokesperson Lisa Stratton told Business Insider.

Facebook had previously hidden the emoji in June 2017 for countries that have anti-LGBT laws, according to PinkNews. This included countries like Egypt, Palestine, Bahrain, Lebanon, Singapore and Russia.

Facebook will still have features that can help users show off support for pride that are available year-round. Facebook Messenger has pride stickers, photos frames for profile photos and rainbow backgrounds for text posts among other features.

“The LGBTQ community has always been a celebrated part of Facebook,” said Alex Schultz, vice president of growth at Facebook. “We know representation and having a community matters — whether that be LGBTQ people sharing photos that can change hearts and minds, or using our products, like Facebook Groups, to find a supportive network.”

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, will feature rainbow-colored hashtags for frequently used LGBT words.

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