Electronics: The Pet Suitcase

Wheels on a suitcase? They’re so convenient yet they're an unremarkable essential for today's traveler. But in 1970, Bernard Sadow had trouble selling his rolling suitcase idea. After weeks of rejection from department stores, including Macy's, Sadow had a meeting with a Macy's vice president who was impressed with his idea. Macy's sold the first suitcases on wheels in October 1970. It took nearly 20 years for the next advance in rolling luggage. Pulled on two wheels with a retractable handle, today's standard issue black suitcase was invented in the late '80s by Northwest Airlines pilot Bob Plath. But the wheels came first, and the luggage that followed has changed the way people travel.

Now a new revolution is in motion.

The future is called The Puppy 1. Like the name suggests, this special suitcase actually follows you around just like a puppy. Syncing to your smartphone, the Puppy 1 autonomously follows your every step. The Puppy 1 leans slightly forward on its two wheels when in motion which is very similar to how the personal vehicles move. The 20-inch suitcase is the ideal size for a carry-on and offers plenty of space for everything you need. Coming in a sleek silver exterior, the Puppy 1 is the best travel buddy you can have. It can be summoned via remote control or smartphone from about 60 feet.

It will go on sale in November.

Cost: $500

More info: www.90fun.us/puppy1

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