Picture this. You see the perfect man at the bar. He's got an adorable smile with just a hint of a dimple in his cheek. His jeans are tight, not too tight that you wonder how someone can put those on - but tight enough that you get to imagine him without them on.

You catch each other’s eyes and you decide to spark up a conversation. After a few laughs and more drinks, the bar is in the process of closing. Now's your chance. He invites you to his place for some "play time." Finally, because your balls were going through 50 Shades of Blue. His apartment is nice and clean. This is the perfect man. He sits down at his couch, then reaches for his controller and turns on a video game.

Instead of turning around and slowly backing out the door, speak of this growing trend of homosexuals called Gaymers. In fact, the numbers of video game players who identify LGBT has caught the eye of many game developers. Some video games developers have begun to transition this into gameplay.

Though LGBT characters go back to the late 1980s when "Final Fight" introduced a transgender fighter, Poison, the most notable in recent years has been "Mass Effect 3" where through choices in gameplay - Captain Shephard has a relationship with another man.

In 2013, San Francisco hosted GaymerX, a convention where hardcore gaymers could meet for competitions and cosplay. And GaymerX has grown every year since. So meeting a man who's into video games shouldn't be taken as an odd encounter. Let's face it. We've all been on worse dates.

Just take in mind the following when deciding to date a gaymer:

Don't assume gaymers aren't social. It's the exact opposite. I've already mentioned GaymerX, a convention that draws thousands to San Franscisco. If that's not enough to convince you, even our local Wilton Manors establishment Latinos Salud hosts a Gaymer Night once a month which draws a big crowd to play games and socialize. And even if gaymers decide to stay indoors, they still have literally a world of other people to socialize with. MMOs are online games where you can meet and play along with other players from around the world. Game systems have group forums where you can socialize and meet new friends. They also feature video and audio chatting capabilities, so you can be in contact with like-minded players.

It's weird to dress up and go to conventions. You know what else could be considered weird? Dressing up in football jerseys with paint on your faces and joining a stadium full of screaming fans. If that's not odd, then gaymers dressing up as their favorite characters shouldn't be either. These characters are unique in style and personality.

It's not fun to watch someone else play a video game. If you are into watching sports, then you are also watching someone else play a game. If you watch game shows on television, then you are also watching someone else play a game. It's human nature to enjoy spectating.

Do not say you haven't played a video game since you were a kid. It's insulting. That's like saying you haven't ridden a bus since you were poor. It's a subtle way of saying that gamers are immature. We are not immature. Most video games cater to adults, not children. And study after study has proven that video games help exercise the brain, so it's not just for kids anymore.


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