Buycott: A Great Socially Conscious Shopping App

These days, everyone tries to pretend that they are socially aware, and claim that they shop for products that don’t go against their beliefs.

But let’s face it. It’s almost impossible to keep track of the thousands of products on the shelves at the local store. It’s hard to keep track which brand goes with which company. Should I buy it, or find an alternative?

Enter Buycott, a combination of a website and an app that makes it as simple as scanning a barcode to see if it a product is right for your social conscience.

The website allows you to enter companies and products based on their positions on social issues. You can also create shopping lists for other users to follow.

The app version takes a little time to set up. Once you download it to your smart phone, you pick which causes Buycott should track. For example, I joined the “HRC buying guide – Workplace Equality.” I also use the “Boycott Koch Industries.” These two filters alone produced thousands of products for and against my views.

Now when I use the app’s barcode scanner, it tells me either “You are avoiding this product,” “You’re supporting this product,” or “No personal conflicts,” with an explanation of the pro or con results. If the product isn’t in the database, you can voluntarily add it.

The database where users enter "causes" is a little sloppy with fringe entries but with a little effort, this is a great tool to help you see what causes your dollars are supporting.

I found it quite educational; who knew so many products were made by so few companies? It’s definitely made me a smarter shopper.

Buycott is available for Android and iPhone. Visit for more information.






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